Following this tutorial you’ll create an animated GIF in just 4 steps. You should already have frames of your animation prepared in a separate folder.

In order to create an animated GIF in Adobe Photoshop version 23.3.1, do the following:

  1. Select File > Open > follow a path with frames > select the 1st frame of your animation > select Image Sequence > press Open;
Make sure you select only THE FIRST frame. If you select all frames, Image Sequence option will be disabled.
Also make sure there’re no other files, except frames for animation, in the folder.

2. In the popped-up menu type the required Frame Rate value;

Photoshop will create a new file with a video layer in Timeline menu.

If you don’t see Timeline, select Window > Timeline.

In Timeline menu you can adjust Frame Rate and other parameters, if needed.

All you need now is to export your GIF animation. To do so:

3. Select File > Export > Save For Web (Legacy);

Exporting GIF

4. Make sure Looping Option in Animation menu is set to Forever > press Save.

Choose Looping Option (Once / Forever)

Your GIF animated has been created! ✅👍

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